stay woke /


late in the evening

put the children to sleep

sit on a porch swing

and stare at my feet

there’s a sliver of sunlight

left low in the sky

and a young mourning dove

trying to learn how to fly


come along my loved one

sit down with me

let’s go on a walk

down the path to the sea

no, we’re not gods

we’re not trying to be

we’re human, we’re learning

what it means to be free

we’re human, we’re troubled

& we want to be free


so lay down your burden

pull up a chair

there’s plenty of room

for everyone here

come sit by the fire

‘cause the day has been long

the blues are your anthem

so sing us a song

yes, the blues are your anthem

won’t you sing us your song


we’re human, we’re troubled

& we’re trying to be loving

& acting compassionately

we’re growing into someone

we want to be

who values justice, mercy & equality


now i lay me down to sleep

i pray the lord our souls to keep

save us in this darkest night

we’ll stay woke in morning light


& if we live another day

let us live in a loving way


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