Pretend You Don’t Know Me

I’ve been working on finalizing this collection of songs for some time & I’m glad it’s here now. It might be better to pretend you don’t know me. Labour is easier with a team of strangers & lovers—friends & family might dispel the miracle. I’m tired of working by myself, I’m wired by bringing all the energy required to fill a room, a hard drive—even a pair of speakers reflects the benefit of dialogue & sharing the lode. We used to joke on our way out from the skippers meeting to the start line that sailors are the only racers whose sport is also their transportation. The lonely long distance runner should try spending some time in the ocean. Water brings a distinctive loneliness. When my language arts teacher played the Wreck of the Edmund Fitz. in class one day, I realized I had something to say & set about getting myself ready for the long haul. At this point, the land’s so far gone, I’m starting to forget the comfort of her perfume.