Anthony Oscar

The Music Biz Is Back . . . Thanks To Streaming – Digital Gabe

I’m a folk singer, songwriter, painter & friend
a poet, a brother, I draw with a pen all sorts of fantastic creations & plots, a book or a guitar I always have got. come sit down beside me, i’ll sing you a song about a funny old world that’s a coming along. I’ll paint you a picture of where I have been or something I’ve seen way down in New Orleans.
There’s lots of folks talking of lots going on, I take them and twist them up into a song. there’s plenty to do if you just look around to keep your mind sharp & your boots on the ground. there’s lots of good people doing lots of good things,
if you’re feeling stuck, just give them a ring. i’m dreaming & scheming & learning new songs & asking what you want when that better world comes along.  once there’s enough freedom around for us all to plant a good tree & eat the fruit when it falls.