The Earth Is Still Flat, 2013

(This is going to be updated. Come back in a couple of days. Here’s the gist.)

This installation is about how we create, order and relate to space. In various societies, architectural structures often imply nuanced understandings of the cosmos’ relationship to human beings. We shape our context as much as it shapes us. Although I have given shape to this installation, the site has shaped itself in many ways.

In my installation, the competing levels and planes of the arrangement refer to the way we often build and compartmentalize our minds in order to organize, understand and function in our world. The levels of expression emphasize the different states of physical space and mental space.

Throughout the process of making this piece, I have been reflecting on the use of right angles and boxes versus curves and spheres. I think we simultaneously acknowledge our Earth as round while we live, speak, and build as if it were flat. Despite knowing the Earth rotates, we all still agree the sun will set tonight.

Senior Art Thesis, Boston College