Archbishop #Monseñor #OscarRomero spoke out against government repression & state sanctioned violence of the people of #ElSalvador in the late 70s until US-trained government forces murdered him March 24, 1980. Waiting for the Church of today to decry the violence perpetrated by the state, the police & criminal justice system. @usccb @archdioceseofno @bostoncollege @beajesuit @jamesmartinsj #SanRomeroDeAmerica was finally beatified May 23, 2015.

whether we’re talking about #paris #neworleans #elsalvador #syria #theviolenceeverywhere there is only one real Way to end violence in our communities and that is by building up and reweaving the social fabric of our communities and our world. in the words of #popepaul6 “if you want peace, struggle for justice.” (at Auditorium Ignacio Ellacuria Uca)